National Center for Healthcare Informatics Funding Sources


As a start-up corporation, the NCHCI relies upon a variety of funding sources that are necessary to sustain the future operations of the corporation. These sources include federal appropriations, sponsorships, grants and contracts, conferences and workshops, and direct services provided through the NCHCI.

Appropriations/Grants (past and present) include:

  • 2010 Federal Appropriation – Department of Defense - $1.6 million – Appropriation to be used to support the development of advanced, virtual world simulated healthcare training environments for the U.S. Air Force Special Operations Forces (Pararescuemen).

  • 2010 Montana Department of Labor Grant – Workforce Services Division - $24,955.05 – Grant to conduct an assessment of the simulation training needs for the Montana healthcare workforce.

  • 2009 Big Sky Trust Fund Grant – Montana Department of Commerce - $24,000.00 – Grant to develop business plan for healthcare modeling and simulation center.

  • 2006 – Partners Investing In Nursing’s Future Grant – Robert Wood Johnson Foundation -$246,518.00 – Grant to develop/implement the Academy for Advanced Nursing Workforce Solutions.

  • 2005 & 2004 - Economic Development Grants - Butte Silver Bow - The NCHCI received two grants totaling $19,000 to support some initial development efforts for the Center.

  • 2002 Federal Appropriation – Department of Health and Human Services – $393,795.00 Appropriation used to construct and equip a multi-media classroom and office space on the campus of Montana Tech. The NCHCI holds a 25-year lease on the lab and office space. The grant was used for construction, office furnishings, computers, and shared office equipment (copier, fax, printers) to equip the staff of the NCHCI.















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