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Current Projects:

  • Simulation, Training, and Research (STAR) Center – The combination of an increased demand for new modalities of training for healthcare professionals in both the military as well as civilian realms and the strengths provided through simulation learning technologies have served to produce a unique opportunity for the development of a healthcare simulation, training and research center. The NCHCI is spearheading an effort to establish such a center in Butte. This effort is strategically enhanced by the presence of a commercially available supercomputer operated in Butte by Rocky Mountain Supercomputing Centers for only through the use of a supercomputer are the production of highly realistic, immersive, virtual-world training scenarios possible.
  • African Community Medicine Education and Development (ACMED) Initiative - The NCHCI has teamed up with Maternal Life International (MLI) to develop the African Community Medicine Education and Development (ACMED) initiative - a program designed to train family practice physicians, resident physicians, nurses, and midwives in Nigeria and Sierra Leone  using distance delivery technologies. The ACMED Initiative is designed to combine the best of medicine with the best of technology to deliver high quality training programs to health care providers in Africa. ACMED is committed to meeting the emerging healthcare needs of Sub-Saharan Africa by improving the quality and availability of African-based family medicine specialty training and underserved communities.

  • Health Information Technology Workforce - The NCHCI has taken a national lead in an effort to address existing and future HIT workforce shortages. The NCHCI is currently co-chairing a national committee addressing HIT workforce shortage issues. Through its efforts, the NCHCI has provided presentations at national healthcare meetings on this topic and has prepared articles and briefs on HIT workforce issues.

  • Healthcare IT Access Network for Rural and Underserved Populations:  Mr. Rogers currently serves as the national co-chair of the educational subcommittee for this organization, headquartered in Washington, DC.

Past Projects:

  • Hewlett Packard/Crossflo/NCHCI Health Information Exchange Project - Hewlett Packard Corporation, Crossflo Systems, and the NCHCI  teamed up to develop a pilot Health Information Exchange (HIE) project in Montana. The project linked together hospital ED systems and the Montana Department of Health and Human Services to share syndromic surveillance data. Utilizing HP non-stop server infrastructure and Crossflo CDX3 software, this pilot project was designed to demonstrate new technologies to quickly, easily, and inexpensively exchange health data amongst disparate data systems. The NCHCI led the effort in Montana and will continue to seek opportunities across the US to employ the technology used in the project where applicable for health care data sharing applications.

  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation - Partners Investing in Nursing's Future Program – In 2006, the NCHCI, St. James Healthcare Foundation, and the Montana Tech Department of Nursing were recipients of a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) and the Northwest Health Foundation (NWHF). The grant program funded grass-root projects nation-wide which were intent on addressing the complex problems which were contributing to a national nursing shortage. As a result, this partnership created the Academy for Advanced Nursing Workforce Solutions. The Academy was designed to provide important life and success skills to nurses to improve their retention in the workforce. The Academy took place in the summer months between 2007 and 2009 and was overwhelmingly successful.

  • Conferencing and Workshops - Over the past several years, the NCHCI has hosted four major, regional health care conferences focused on health information technology. The NCHCI has played an important role in creating a regional dialogue on HIT and HIE issues and has hosted a number of prominent HIT leaders from around the US.
















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