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With a Broad Array of Services designed to improve the manner in which data, information, and Knowledge are utilized in the health care industry, the NCHCI will be developing services, products, and technologies, that will ultimately improve the efficiencies of your operations and reduce your overall operating costs. Through your sponsorship of the NCHCI yourself, your company, or your organization will be able to take advantage of the following benefits:
  • Direct Benefit of reduced costs and increased operating efficiencies through the implementation of technologies developed through the NCHCI;Access to, and use of, the Access Grid Node and 3-D imaging technologies housed by NCHCI;Participation in regional and national grants and contracts to improve health information technologyParticipation in Alpha and Beta testing for new products and services;Special invitations and discounts to all conferences and workshops offered through NCHCI;Share in the future development of new technologies;Opportunities for future investment and equity positions in technologies/services developed through NCHCI
  • Access to students studying in Montana Tech’s degree in Health Care Informatics for internships, practicum experiences, and permanent employment;
Sponsorship of the NCHCI is requested at a level that is appropriate for the size of your organization and the benefits that you believe will be received form a partnership with the NCHCI. The following sponsorship opportunities are available:
  • Platinum Sponsor $10,000 + annual sponsorship
  • Gold Sponsor $5,000 - $9,999 annual sponsorship
  • Silver Sponsor $2,000 - $4,999 annual sponsorship
  • Copper Sponsor $1,000 – $1,999 annual sponsorship
  • Bronze Sponsor $0 - $999 annual sponsorship
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