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The National Center for Healthcare informatics is proud to support the Montana Tech HCI Program. Decisions which are made within the health system, and about the health system, ranging from treatment decisions to funding decisions, are only as good as the information on which they are based. And there is no shortage of information. Last year alone, there were more than two million medical research papers published. The stumbling block to integrating these and other findings into the decision-making process is not one of technology - the technology is there - but rather one of having enough professionals who understand health care issues and can manage the technology required to retrieve, analyze, and synthesize the available information.

The Health Care Informatics Degree is the first undergraduate degree of its kind in the United States. With both associate and bachelor degrees offered, this program prepares graduates to be at the interface of healthcare and information technology. Professionals will facilitate the effective and efficient management of health care date

The program seeks students at two levels: high-achieving high school graduates, and current successful health care professionals who are seeking a career change in the health care industry.

  • Recent High School Graduates - Candidates should possess a strong academic background in science, mathematics, and communications and an interest in seeking a career in health care and information technology.
  • Existing Health Care Professionals - Candidates should possess demonstrated progressive clinical expertise, an interest in seeking a new degree, and a desire to transition into an emerging new discipline in health care.
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