National Center for Healthcare Informatics - AGN Laboratory

A Laboratory and Classroom of the Future - A True Success Story
Seating Capacity
24 Individual Computer Workstations
Instructor Station
3 integrated monitors
Altinex pop'n plug interconnect
Altinex multitasker switch
3 LP-840 Projectors
2 Infocus 540 3D Projectors
Bose 402 Series Speakers
Acoustic Magic Voice Tracking Mics
SenHeisser Wireless Mic
Electrovoice Desktop Mic
Clearone Sound Processor
3 Canon VC-C501 Communication Cameras


It was the vision of Ray Rogers and Pat Dudley of the NCHCI to build a classroom to facilitate informatics learning. Rogers and Dudley understood that learning could be enhanced and facilitated by a laboratory classroom integrated with networked computers, AV conferencing, and information and communication technologies... Read more by clicking here...















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